K-Series Swapped Civic Dominates All-Motor Drags at 1326iX

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This Civic build might be fairly fresh, but that didn’t stop it from taking home class gold at a hotly contested event.

If you’re into seemingly endless straight-line Honda action (and who isn’t?), Import Expo’s 1326iX drag racing event at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Canada was the place to be this summer. It was there that countless badass Hondas lined up, one after another, blasting off some seriously impressive e.t.s. But no all-motor car was faster than this incredible K-Series swapped Civic, which took home the gold in that particular class.

And this little Civic did it in impressive style, no doubt. Owned by a guy named Corey, it doesn’t even appear that the current build is all that old. Heck, he even admits that this thing still needs some tuning and general sorting out. But you wouldn’t know it by watching the passes it made at 1326iX, captured on film in this sweet video by GuelphRacing.

Honda Civic

Here we get to see the Civic make multiple passes in the 11.5 bracket, putting up some pretty darn consistent times. But this is clearly a car punching a little below its belt. According to the owner, the Civic has run a best 11.072 at 121 mph to date, but those times just keep falling. With a little more work, this little hatch should easily be in the 10s.

Honda Civic

But in the meantime, settling for a class win at a major event isn’t such a bad consolation prize. And we’re certainly looking forward to seeing more of this Civic. We’re guessing that this little showing is just the beginning in what promises to be a long and prosperous career of trophy collecting!

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