Hoonigan Donut Garage Crew Prep an S2000 for Time Attack

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S2000 build video reminds us that there’s more to lowering the car than just sticking on a set of coilovers.

Regular viewers of The Hoonigans had been asking about Brandon’s Honda S2000. As it’s pretty much stock they are making some build videos, and the first item on the agenda is lowering the car. Because it’s for the track, just getting an alignment isn’t going to cut it. They want plenty of adjustability for tuning and plan to corner balance the car. This video gives a good run through of prepping the car for its alignment, and putting on the hardware required to make the suspension adjustable. The hardware they use covers roll center adjustment, rear toe arms, then steering rack and ball joint spacers.

Of course, there are curve balls to deal with but with a little ingenuity, the S2000 gets back on its wheels. Speaking of which, we think those Fifteen52 Tarmacs suit the s2000 rather well.

After watching the video we’re sure you’ll also look forward to seeing the car finished and tearing up the track.

Oh, there’s something about a BMW as well:


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