Mimms Honda Days 2017 Proves Engines Are Musical

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When a bunch of Honda tuners gathers on a track, magic happens.

If your blood runs Type-R Red and you live within 1,000 miles of Mimms, England, odds are good that you are familiar with Mimms Honda Day. For the uninitiated, Mimms Honda Day is the biggest gathering of Honda performance enthusiasts in the U.K. What started as small car meet has grown into a highly-anticipated celebration with people arriving from all over Europe. They have even branched out to host events in other countries. Their latest event happened recently at Rockingham Motor Speedway up in Northamptonshire, and it looked incredible.

Elite London Racing was there with camera in tow and has put together solid video showing off some of the coolest cars in the Show n’ Shine paddock, as well as a whole mess of cars blasting down the main straight.

Seeing a perfectly-buffed NSX is cool but hearing a massive collection of tuned Hondas tearing around track really gets the blood pumping. All that wonderful VTEC noise.

There is a great shot right before the three-minute mark where a small gaggle of EP3 and FN2 CTRs come across at the same time. We bet you could have heard that explosive music from miles away. Keep watching and you’ll see something you like. Type Rs are everywhere, of course, but there are some nice non-Civic machines as well. Note the modified Fits (Jazz, for you across the pond), and we saw at least one CRX flying around that track.

But the more we babble on about how amazing this video is, the longer you have to spend reading instead of watching. So, allow us to step out of the way so you can press that play button and enjoy all the sights and sounds for yourself.

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