From the Forums: Watch a Slideshow of This CRX Si Build

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Watch this long Honda-Tech build thread in convenient slideshow form.

You won’t need to search long on CraigsList to find a haggard Civic Hatch or CRX painted in bedliner with a “mostly done” B-Series swap. However, nicely completed and attractive B-swapped CRXs like this one make up a small percentage of those out there. You can see this entire build thread right here on Honda-Tech. The build began in 2007, so if you think anything is dated on the build, keep in mind that the project began a decade earlier. Regardless, we’re glad to see HT user “Jolly Green” doing more than the minimum to make a killer street machine.

Jolly Green started with a tired, fenderless 1990 Honda CRX Si. He took the project seriously and undertook what you might consider the Honda version of a muscle car’s frame-off pro touring restoration and build. Paying attention to every aspect the car, he painstakingly repaired and painted every bit on the car. The entire build thread lasted roughly five years from start to finish and by all accounts, Jolly Green still owns the car.

The slideshow shows the whole progress (If the music isn’t your cup of tea, mute it). The slideshow doesn’t demonstrate quite an OEM-spec restoration, but the modifications all look extremely well done. Jolly Green lowered the car with Ground Control coilovers to a tasteful level that would allow for reasonable street use. Under the hood, the blue-flake (and later silver-flake) valve cover sits atop a B16A swap that gives a nice power bump over the stock D-Series engine. The entire car gets the nice gray tuner look of the early 2010s with Mugen 15-inch wheels.

All told, it looks a fun car and Honda Tuner gave further update on the car in 2014. The valve cover looks like a stock B16 with updated Spoon seats inside and a few other odds and ends added. Be sure to check that article out after watching the video to see the post-script. And be sure to check out the Honda-Tech thread to see Jolly Green’s accompanying text for the photos.

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