500 Horsepower Turbo Civic Blows Up on the Dyno

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Turbo Civic pops it’s motor when 11psi of boost is thrown into the mix.

We have all seen “dyno fail” videos, but this one, featuring a turbo Civic, is a bit different. After turning the boost up to 11psi, it was time for this Civic to see some dyno time for tuning. Unfortunately, it looks like this B-series engine had seen enough. After a few seconds of wide open throttle, the engine exploded. However, the explosion looks a bit different than other engine failures.

No, we don’t get to see a piston go though the block. Instead there is a giant geyser of water gushing from the side of the engine. What gives? The videographer tells us that the engine cracked a sleeve, hence the waterworks. Cylinder pressures or temperatures were so high that the sleeves cracked. That is intense. Check it out:

Honda-tech.com Honda Turbo Civic Turbo Dyno Fail

After cracking a sleeve, the water jackets inside the engine were forcefed all of the pressure inside the cylinder, causing the madness seen above. I can’t tell what I’m more impressed about: that they managed to crack a sleeve, or that the dyno operator on the right barely flinches at the whole scene unfolding. Makes you wonder what kind of crazy shit he has seen hit the rollers.

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