Fastest Civics in the World Throw Down In Mega Civic Drag Race

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Honda Civics can do it all, but what happens when they are built for one thing?

S0, what happens when the world’s fastest line up of purpose built drag racers square off for an all-Civic drag race?

The Honda Civic is all the car most people will ever need. It can do just about anything with the right modifications. Super Street’s Modified Magazine is no stranger to adding performance to Civics, after all the publication just built a 2017 Honda Civic Sport as a project car. The bright red Civic Sport has a host of updates to improve the performance. They first flashed the ECU with Hondata Flashpro for additional power. Then they let the turbocharger breath a little better with an AEM intake, GReddy intercooler and exhaust system. On the style front, a set of Rays wheels and a Honda Performance Development rear wing add some visual flare to the Civic Sport.

All wheel drive Civic drag racer

This awesome new Civic is practically stock in comparison to the contenders in the Civic drag race battle. The total horsepower was over 4,000 between the eight fastest Civic drag cars in the country. The field was very diverse group of cars. The styling is also completely different, from stock to fully-caged professional drag cars. The horsepower range was broad, too, from 490 horsepower naturally-aspirated K-motors to 1,200 horsepower turbo animals. The lower horsepower cars were running beefy naturally-aspirated setups with individual throttle bodies, and all the other goodies. The most interesting was a total sleeper.

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In this video, Super Street’s Modified Magazine brings us to the ultimate Civic drag race. The showdown is between 8 of the fastest Civics in the world. The venue is a Florida airport runway. The prize is the Modified Magazine 2017 Project Civic Sport. Turbo vs N/A, and front-wheel drive vs all-wheel drive in a one shot winner take all drag race. Watch the video to see who takes home all the marbles. Let us know what you think of the winner in the comments.

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