Crazy 1,200 Horsepower Honda Civic Driven By 18 Year Old

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Honda love runs deep, and it often gets passed onto the next generation.

So, what kind of Honda would you get if your Father is an engine builder, and drag racer? Well, how about a 1,200 horsepower Civic?

One of the best things a dad can experience is getting to share his hobby with his children. When they are young, they are along for the ride of whatever Dad is doing with his Saturdays. They are listening and soaking in the whole experience.  In this case, the son, Jayson Bello, gets a chance to show off just how much he was listening. As a young boy he watched his Dad drag race and learned what it took to win. Now an adult, Bello has a serious 1,200 hp Honda Civic.

1200 hp honda civic

In this video, YouTube channel 4BangerProductions shows us how, now at 18 years old, Bello has a beast of his very own. It is a turbocharged Civic Si. He immediately started with GP1 Racing’s All Motor Civic and set the best time of a 9.48 at 146 mph. Jayson holds the OGS All Motor Record. He is on a roll and now drives in the Sport Front Wheel Drive category. So far he has set a record pass of 8.69 seconds at 164 mph in the 1/4 mile. He says he looks forward to the smokey victory burnouts, but is then instantly focused on killing the car beside him at the light. One thing is for sure, Bello knows how to make a drag racing dad proud.

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We at Honda-tech love hearing the stories of generations passing along the passion for driving fast, and their love of Hondas. Let us know what you think in the comments below and be happy you aren’t the one meeting Jayson Bello at the light.

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