Drag Race Fail! Civic Driver Launches with Hand Brake On

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Think you had a bad run at the drag strip? Check out this Civic launch fail.

The next time someone tells you drag racing is easy, just go ahead and show them this video. Here we see an 8th gen Honda Civic Si going racing, but the launch goes wrong in every way possible.

Staging the car and preparing for a launch is aided by the handbrake in some instances, and that’s exactly what this driver is attempting. Except this time, that idea fails, and the handbrake doesn’t disengage. Obviously in a panic, he pops the clutch in, and revs up the engine up while trying to get the handbrake off. Handbrake off, he attempts to salvage what’s left of his run, but bogsĀ off the line.


Adding insult to injury, the 1st-2nd upshift is blown as well. In all, it comes out to nearly a 16 second quarter-mile time. Obviously frustrated, the driver slaps the steering wheel at the start of the run, and then at the conclusion, shows that there might have been a lack of preparation that played a role. He un-buckles his seat belt while still on track, and it looks like his helmet was never even strapped on properly to begin with. While the botched launch created a bit of a chuckle, overlooking safety precautions is never a good thing.


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At least this driver had a safe car, which we can’t say is the case for other cars we’ve seen in the past. Some of them have had poorly designed roll cages, loose harnesses, objects flying around in the car’s foot well, and loose hood pins just to name one car we covered before. But at least for this driver, there’s always a another chance to hop back into the staging lanes and have another round. We just hope next time around they strap that helmet on properly.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites for Internet Brands, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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