Honda Civic Type R Makes a Pretty Good Drag Racer, Too

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We often tout the virtues of the new Civic Type R and its handling prowess. But it also goes fast in a straight line.

We (along with the rest of the automotive world, have long harped the many virtues of the brand new FK8 Civic Type R. And for good reason. But those praises mostly center around the car’s amazing chassis and its ability to carve up corners like no front-wheel drive vehicle should. All the while basically ignoring the fact that the all-new Civic Type R also makes a pretty darn good straight-line performer, too.

But a man who goes by the handle Fuzzy FK8 is fully aware of what his Type R can do at the drag strip. And he demonstrated that little known fact by taking his entire class competition to the woodshed at this year’s 1326ix event in at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Canada. Evidence of that beatdown was also thankfully captured on film by YouTuber GuelphRacing.

We don’t know all the specifics behind this Civic Type R build, but we do know it isn’t stock. Using some magic from Hondata, at the very least, the hatch rips off some pretty impressive times. While a stock FK8 Type R runs the quarter in the mid 13-second range, this one does the deed a few tenths quicker, running fairly consistent low 13s.


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Not too shabby for a mostly stock ride on street tires. We’re guessing that with a little more work and a set of drag radials, this thing could easily be in the low 12s. All of which is hella quick for what is essentially something you can buy right off the showroom floor and drive straight to the drags, with a quick stop at your local tuner!

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