Clarion Builds Supercharged NSX Hits the Road Before Auction

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Clarion Builds NSX is more than a marketing exercise or SEMA project. 

Acura’s NSX was a world changing car when it was originally launched in the early 1990s. Honda and Acura had been building cars for enthusiasts for decades, but they really staked their claim on the sports car market with the NSX.

This car is the second car modified by Clarion Audio (the first was a BMW 2002), and they’ve improved on every aspect of the mid-engine wonder. Clarion figured out that people are much more likely to learn about mobile audio if it’s wrapped in a really cool package. This “Clarion Builds” project NSX has been built up into the most capable mobile audio marketing device ever crafted. It’s more than that, though, this car is a complete package.

It features upgraded wheels, tires, suspension, brakes, aero, and interior bits. Not one inch of this car went untouched. The engine is a larger 3.2 liter V6 with a giant supercharger on top. AEM engine management software helps it make 465 horsepower. Even the exhaust is a one-off AEM-built custom piece. Not only that, but the transmission was even swapped out for a later 6-speed gearbox. It goes without saying that Clarion seriously hooked up this NSX inside with as much quality audio componentry as they could fit in the little two-seater.

Sounds good, right? The real question is whether or not it all comes together when the rubber hits the pavement. Thankfully, the boys at Hooniverse were able to take the NSX out for a spin. It doesn’t disappoint.

The car will be sold via Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas sale in October. All of the proceeds will go to benefit the American Red Cross, meaning this rad ride is also built to help people in need. Honda Acura NSX Clarion Builds Supercharged Restored Hooniverse

[Source: Hooniverse on YouTube]

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