Acura NSX Makes This Dork Look Like A Trackday Hero

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NSX driver does alright on track, at least, until he flat spots a tire. 

The whole point of a track day is that you should learn the limits of your car in a relatively safe environment. If you’re pushing the limits of your car on the street, you’re decidedly doing it wrong. Mr. Hoover here has admitted that he’s not the greatest driver, so a track day, then is the opportunity for him to gain some familiarity with his cars. So, he brought his Mustang Mach 1 and his NA1 5-speed NSX to the track for a few sessions.

Obviously, the NSX outperforms the Mustang as far as track performance is concerned. Decidedly, the Mustang will have the measure of the NSX in straight line acceleration. However, give them both a corner and the Acura will show the Ford it’s tail lights. In his on-track excursion with the NSX, Hoover even manages to catch up to, and then get a point-by from a new Porsche Cayman. Not bad for a 25-year-old car with a novice driver, if we’re honest.

Its not all smooth sailing for the rookie NSX driver.

We all know that it’s common for these early cars to experience an ABS module failure, and the entire system can be inexpensively and simply bypassed. Hoovie did commit to that modification on his NSX, running without ABS. Now, driving a non-ABS car at the track does require a bit of pedal modulation. Threshold braking is a skill that can be learned, and is definitely a feather you should have in your cap to call yourself a good driver. In his second session with the NSX, he dumps into the brakes before a corner, crosses up into locked brakes, sending him skidding off into the grass.

With a huge flat spot on the front tires, he thinks the car has a dead tire and pits (that’s the smart thing to do after any off-track excursion, to be honest). He later learns that the car is wearing three different types of tire. One wonders why/how he didn’t know this ahead of time? Some of the close-up shots of the tire’s tread show signs of dry-rot, as well. You really shouldn’t have tires like that on your NSX, or any car. Especially so if you’re going to take your car (any car) on track. It’s unsafe and really not smart. Don’t be that kind of idiot. Acura NSX track day review

[Source: Hoovies Garage]

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