Go For Donuts With Acura Pro-Driver Katherine Legge

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What’s the best way to celebrate a race victory? NSX Donuts, of course. 

Katherine Legge was part of the driver pairing (with Andy Lally) that brought the NSX GT3 its first victory during the IMSA race in the streets of Detroit a few weeks ago. Being that she started the race and Andy was the driver to take over for the second half, she was not given the opportunity to rip some mad donuts to celebrate the team’s victory. Andy took the checkered flag and it was Andy that got to spin the tires nearly off of the car.

Here is what Legge had to say about that race victory: “It’s a testament to the team, to everyone at Michael Shank Racing, Acura and HPD. They gave us a car that was capable of winning. This is a brand-new car, and the program has come so far in six months. The team has really been working hard to improve the car between each race. We’ve been strong, [finishing in the] points [in previous races], but today, we put it all together. Today was the longest hour of my life, watching Andy [Lally] drive. I was telepathically talking to him. It was harder to watch [him] than actually drive. ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has given us a chance to put together this car and this ride. In 2013, I drove with HPD in the Indy 500, and it started our relationship. I wanted to be part of their program. So it is really special [to have] everything working out.”

Now, it’s not quite the same to use your NSX road car to celebrate your victory in an NSX race car, but it is, at the very least, a consolation prize. Well done Katherine, well done Andy, congrats on the win.

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