Acura Integra Becomes First Front-Drive Car to Clock 200 mph in 1/2-Mile

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‘The Integra That Could’ kicks out ridiculous 200MPH half-mile pass.

At a glance, Myles Kerr’s 1994 Acura Integra looks fast, but your first thought probably wouldn’t be, “That car can go 200 miles per hour.” Yet, Kerr’s “Grintotegra” did exactly that at the Shift S3ctor half-mile airport event in Colorado Springs. In doing so, he reset his own front-wheel-drive half-mile record at 201.07 mph and becoming the first 200 mph front-wheel-drive car in 2,640 feet as 1320 Video documents.

Things didn’t look rosy throughout the event for Myles, however. The engine fell flat on its face during its first test pass. On the next one, a driveshaft broke off in the passenger-side knuckle, compounded by a piece of metal puncturing a driver-side tire. Some tire-doctoring from Luke English of English Racing got the tire back in order while Myles fetched a replacement halfshaft from AutoZone.

From AutoZone. honda acura integra 200MPH 1/2 mil drag race 1000whp horsepower 1320 video Shift S3ctor

This Integra ran 200 miles per hour eventually by putting down 1,000 horsepower through at least one halfshaft bought off the shelf at a parts store. If Myles doesn’t have AutoZone sponsorship, now might be a good time to start inquiring after it.

The big-number pass culminated more than a decade of ownership for Kerr. He bought the car in 2006, had it stolen, and went through a few engines before finding this potent combination. After running 190 miles per hour at Colorado Springs in 2016, he upgraded to a new Motec M130 ECU, a Graf five-speed dogbox, and most importantly a Precision Turbos 6870 turbo.

He also revised the aerodynamics package trying to trim out the car. All of it seemed to do the trick. Myles told 1320 that the car dyno’d at 1,020 horsepower to the wheels, an insane number for a four-pot engine. We’re excited to see what Myles does with the Gringotegra next, besides applies AutoZone sponsorship decals.

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