Meet Galaxy Runner, One of the Craziest S2K’s We’ve Ever Seen.

By - Honda S2000 S2K Galaxy Runner custom wrap volk CE28 widebody

Photo by Aaron Jarnigan

Fast, angry, and as gorgeous as the stars in the night sky: this Galaxy Runner Honda S2000 is one to behold.

There are some cars that you can’t help but stare at. Cars that are so modified, and customized that they are works of art. Amber’s wild S2000 is one of those cars. Almost every piece of this 2004 AP2 has been modified, massaged and altered to make something that utterly unique on the road. Amber calls the car Galaxy Runner, and when you see the amazing galaxy-themed wrap, it’s easy to see why. But peel your eyes away from that incredible wrap and look at the other details.

The S2K has always looked better with the fastback hardtop, but somehow the wrap only accentuates that curves and angles. It makes the S2K look like an actual spaceship in some manner. Of course when you follow that swooping roofline, you are immediately assaulted with the aggressiveness of that bumper-mount rear wing. Said wing is the work of BattleAero. Large enough to make an F1 car blush, it really makes a statement. SO much of a statement that you might not even notice the taillight swap.

Move back around to the side, and tucked under the widebody fenders you’ll find sexy black Volk CE28 wheels wrapped in Michelin rubber. Keep moving back to the nose and grasp the full impressiveness of this custom body kit.

If you are having trouble figuring out exactly which kit this is (some of the subtle details are hidden by the wrap) it’s the MS-S2K kit from JDM tuner Tamon Design. In this writer’s humble opinion, it’s the best looking S2K kit that exists on the market.

But that’s enough from us. We will shut up and just give you some great photos of Amber’s incredible car. Try not to drool too much on your keyboard.

Follow Amber and her S2K adventures @AmberCWin 


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