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10-21-2018 06:17 AM
 The Opposition Party Safe Space
Trump is the best president since Eisenhower. Change my mind. (18,342 views, 724 replies)
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10-21-2018 06:16 AM
 1995 accord LX no power under 2,000 rpms
Update: Cam sprocket or woodruf key is damamged and sprocket has a loose fit on the cam shaft. As a result, valve and ignition timing are slightly retarded. Advancing ignition timing has corrected... (124 views, 2 replies)
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10-21-2018 06:14 AM
Qualifying :o 1'32.237 1'32.298 + 0.061 1'32.307 + 0.070 (66,410 views, 2,805 replies)
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Marcos Barrios
10-21-2018 06:13 AM
 turbo install 98 crx, pipe clearance
thats a first i here about no modifying your car for a race i used to race autocross back in the day and i mean waaaay back in the day with the scca calling the shots if thats the people that are... (146 views, 4 replies)
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10-21-2018 06:11 AM
 Mega Millions $868,000,000 (10/17/18)
I dunno if it's different where you are but here we have gigantic touchscreen machines you just put money into, touch the options you want and it spits out a ticket. Don't need to pick numbers or... (3,443 views, 231 replies)
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10-21-2018 06:03 AM
 GDD/ISK/Chat/ Random Check In - 2018
Dodgers! (141,120 views, 11,564 replies)
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10-21-2018 05:56 AM
 1992 Civic VX - no start, sat for 11 years
Possibly the igniter? Check compression is always the first thing I do..... distributor could be bad? compression fuel air fire = start. (153 views, 3 replies)
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10-21-2018 05:52 AM
 d16z6 turbo help
Ďyou can go old school and run a fuel pressure riser and a missing link to trick the map sensor, i ran mine like that for many years before better ways came around. You will have to keep the stock... (83 views, 1 replies)
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10-21-2018 05:45 AM
 Demographic of your residential community?
Yes New Zealand, not sure what the stats align as asian around here but the chinese, japanese etc is what I consider asian however given the lay of the stats it probably includes the ones you've... (714 views, 44 replies)
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George Knighton
10-21-2018 05:30 AM
 Saudi Arabia?
There's a sizable British work force composed of people employed solely to supply arms and resupply parts for the 25% of the Saudi arms that are British, including a fleet of 72 Typhoon fighters. ... (4,835 views, 228 replies)
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10-21-2018 05:29 AM
 =►►Official 2018-2019 NBA Basketball Thread◄◄=
I donít care to engage in the LBJ vs MJ argument because itís pointless. But LBJ cuddling with CP3 after the scuffle was bullshit. (424 views, 33 replies)
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10-21-2018 05:26 AM
 RR's Electric Vehicle discussion/fanboy thread
Basically hard rubber coating on the trim to make it durable and black. Added benefit is that if you screw up and it drips, you get some overspray or you just don't like it.... You can get under a... (34,884 views, 1,658 replies)
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10-21-2018 05:22 AM
I have the Fuel impact version of that. It's an awesome tool. :thumbup: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BYFNKCA/?coliid=I3IPSFBSYTON J5&colid=VULGCAR5KOB 6&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_l ig_dp_it (52,498 views, 1,587 replies)
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10-21-2018 05:18 AM
In our case they dropped the MF as the money down increased (not deposits either). Not sure if thatís a normal thing as Iím not a lease expert. Either way, the goal was to keep it under 500/mo. (899,624 views, 44,427 replies)
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George Knighton
10-21-2018 05:10 AM
 Unpopular opinions thread.
Except that it's going to have a mechanical conniption some point. It's inevitable. So far, it looks like the CTR is just another reliable Civic, eh? (9,167 views, 409 replies)
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George Knighton
10-21-2018 05:08 AM
 Wikileaks Julian Assange
You know, it's at a point he might be able to sneak out if he wanted. Right now the police are not watching very carefully. When they really wanted him, they would watch the garden door and the... (15,728 views, 500 replies)
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George Knighton
10-21-2018 05:02 AM
 Fuel/Oil Contamination Question (2018 CR-V Related)
For the ignorant among us, could you explain why this would be, and why the majority of the Honda 1.5 Turbo motors do not experience this if it is so normal? (207 views, 5 replies)
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10-21-2018 04:56 AM
 Official Window Shopper House Thread
Iíd be buying that in 2015 (65,071 views, 3,443 replies)
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10-21-2018 04:31 AM
 post a *PIC* of your latest purchase (continued)
Sayin (3,250,247 views, 65,027 replies)
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10-21-2018 04:08 AM
 Darton Dry Sleeves question
What is the difference between the sleeves with flange and without the flange? I searched online but couldn't find an answer (19 views, 0 replies)

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