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  1. Shipping Wheels to Maui, Hawaii?
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  3. Tuning shops on Oahu?
  4. Is Hawaii even real?
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  6. we still doing this hawaii thing?
  7. House - if you won the lotto
  8. sup tho which island yall in bruh iam in santa ana islands
  9. how many times do u shake?
  10. What are you eating right now?
  11. Send them away
  12. U.H. Football 2014 Season
  13. Mahalo check in
  14. integra type r
  15. Hawaii state inspection
  16. online shops
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  18. New to HI
  19. Swaps... Any tips on what's legal(or not) on the rock?
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  24. Need to find a "good" safety check guy.
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  27. Need Feedback
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  29. H22 Head
  30. FS: PLX M-500 wideband/datalogger
  31. Test - Report a post testing
  32. Hawaii peeps represent!!!!
  33. What's the scoups?
  34. 5-spd conversion....
  35. HIN in Hawaii
  36. No Hawaiian people?
  37. dude is anyone from hawaii still on here?
  38. ummmm anyone organizing a meet later on this month?
  39. anyone looking to get rid of parts?
  40. Keep Hawaii Green
  41. Honolulu Century bike ride....28 Sep.....who's in?
  42. WTB, B16 header or stock manifold
  43. vinyl stickers, graphics, and banners, need any of these?
  44. Beating in Wahiawa
  45. Hawaiian group demands restoration of the monarchy
  46. How To Deal With Island Fever?
  47. hondaspace?
  48. What is the price of gas in Hawaii now?
  49. Magnum P.I. Movie - What car should they use now?
  50. Aloha Airlines Passenger Service Stops
  51. ...................
  52. question....
  53. New Hawaii Regional Classifieds Forum In H-T Marketplace
  54. a new race track on oahu?
  55. A return to Old Hawaii
  56. Going to Maui (Kaanapali and Lahaina to be exact) - questions for the experts
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  58. General Chat Thread - Hawaii
  59. Local Grinds (Food)
  60. Hawaii Celebrities
  61. Hawaiian Music
  62. Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono
  63. Has anyone been to Farrell's?
  64. U.H. Football
  65. How much does a pound of Ahi goes for now?
  66. whats up guys!!in waikiki for a week, hit me up!
  67. HIN Hawaii show 12/1
  68. wussup ht people from hawaii!!
  69. any hawaii people with turbo parts!???
  70. Hurricane Flossie
  71. any H-T people in Kauai
  72. Any people from maui...
  75. Sweet...
  76. Hawaii Pictures Thread--Lets see all the Hawaii Import (and Domestic) cars here.
  77. anybody have the website of that Hawaiin Rice Crew?