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This is the Complete History of the Honda Civic Type R, from EK9 to FK8

Six Generations Civic Type R

You don’t often assemble all six distinct iterations of the Civic Type R in one place at one time.

  Comments | By - February 26, 2019

Every Civic Type R Generation Together on One Track

All generations of Civic Type R together.

Getting each model from the Civic Type R timeline together for a comparison video is a rarity, but these South African journalists pulled it off.

  Comments | By - July 13, 2018

Time Attack Battle: Honda S2000 vs. Civic Type R FK2

honda-tech.com Honda S2000 vs. Civic Type R CTR FK2 time attack

How do the two sides of Honda stack up against each other in just one lap? in the left corner is the best example of a naturally-aspirated Honda. The S2000 is a light, rear-wheel drive, analog roadster that has a screaming 9,000RPM F20C VTEC engine. To the right is the European-spec FK2 Honda Civic Type […] More »

  Comments | By - April 6, 2017

Juliet and the Honda Civic Type R

In Monday’s post, we talked about diversity in motoring, highlighting some cool videography coming out of South Africa. Today’s piece is the follow up with, this time from a different South African outlet. Juliet McGuire, formerly of CAR Magazine, is the editor of Women on Wheels, a group geared towards promoting the motorcycle lifestyle to and […] More »

  Comments | By - November 1, 2016

Video Review of 2016 Honda Civic Type R FK2, Production Number 0007

PerformanceCars, a UK-based Honda enthusiast, has been through every generation of the Civic Type R, so it’s no surprise that he would eventually get his hands on the new FK2 generation car. What makes this one particularly special is that it is #0007, one of the first customer cars ever delivered. This Championship White CTR […] More »

  Comments | By - October 28, 2016

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