Juliet and the Honda Civic Type R

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In Monday’s post, we talked about diversity in motoring, highlighting some cool videography coming out of South Africa. Today’s piece is the follow up with, this time from a different South African outlet.

Juliet McGuire, formerly of CAR Magazine, is the editor of Women on Wheels, a group geared towards promoting the motorcycle lifestyle to and for women. In addition to bikes, she is also still heavily vested in the automotive journalism world, which sees her going through a myriad of press cars. As of late, she has been filming short driving impressions of various press cars she has on any given day.

The ride of the day this time around is the new FK2 chassis Civic Type R, with it’s 306 horsepower 2.0 liter turbo four engine (K20C1), and polarizingly aggressive looks. Yesterday, we heard that the Civic Type R was the ultimate front-wheel drive track weapon, but was too raucous for road use. Time for a second look and a second opinion:

via Juliet McGuire

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