2016 Civic Type R Hits Unrestricted Autobahn

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The great Type-R drought continues in the United States, as we await the release of the 10th generation Honda Civic’s Type-R variant. That said, Europe has had readily available access to the European-spec FK2 chassis Civic Type-R. The FK2 uses the same 2.0L turbocharged, direct-fuel injected EarthDreams K20C engine that our new Type-R will have, and also has similarly insane exterior aesthetics.

Looks aside, the new Type-R achieves a level of performance than older Hondas could never touch, especially in terms of straight-line prowess. The plucky Brits over at CarThrottle took an FK2 Type-R to Germany and hit an unrestricted section of the Autobahn to see what the car could do. The video title may give it away, but suffice to say, the new Type-R is a rocket. Check it out:

via CarThrottle Extra

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