Integra Type R Sells for $63,800 at Auction, Breaking Records

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record auction DC2 integra type r

Integra Type R pricing has officially taken them from desirable, to near unattainable.

Just like that, the DC2 Acura Integra Type R went from the affordable cult icon, to wildly priced modern collector. Barrett-Jackson just completed the sale of this Integra Type R, lot #372, on September 28 and it sold for, brace yourself, $63,800.

Granted this one is a bit special. It’s a 1997 model, and number 37 of the 320 built for that year. It’s also a first-year car as 1997 was the inaugural year for Acura Type R sales in the US market, despite existing for two years prior in other markets. So aside from being an early production, first year model, it has the advantage of likely being the lowest-mileage Integra Type R you’ll ever find on the market, regardless of year.

record auction DC2 integra type r

Only 1,191 miles are on this immaculate, completely stock example. As well, all of the original owners manuals, the leather case for those manuals, the tire gauge and emergency light, and window sticker are included. It’s pretty much like buying a brand new car.

record auction DC2 integra type r

Truth be told, we could kind of see this coming. Doug DeMuro recently drove one to see what it was all about, and although he didn’t really drive it like intended, he still recognized why the cult following for these cars would drive up the price, even for cars that were driven. We suspect this one, however, will be put away in a bubble for investment purposes.

record auction DC2 integra type r

One of the things that we hope doesn’t happen, but inevitably will, is that other Integra owners will add an artificial Barrett-Jackson tax to every trim level of Integra that ends up on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. After all, they saw the sale price of this Championship White Type R, so their 1998 4-door Integra LS with 184,000 miles is definitely a $25,000 car. We kid, of course, but you suspect it is bound to happen at some point.

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