1993 Acura Legend Coupe is Reminder of How Good Acura Can Be

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1993 Acura Legend Coupe Front 3/4

Acura’s 25-year old coupe still turns heads alongside new vehicles.

While flipping through the listings on Bring-A-Trailer, we came across this gorgeous 1993 Legend Coupe. That’s already rare enough, but this particular Legend also has a six-speed manual transmission. The ‘want-meter’ is high with this one. In many cases, a 25-year old luxury car looks antiquated compared to modern luxury models, but putting aside the wear and tear of two-and-a-half decades, this car still shouts “premium luxury,” and we love it.

A Legendary Coupe

In the modern era of the American automotive industry, the Acura Legend Coupe has become forgotten by many. However, any fan of Japanese luxury cars fondly looks back at this roomy two-door as one of the great, early premium models from Honda Motor Company. With a 3.2-liter V6 delivering 230 horsepower to the front wheels by means of a six-speed manual transmission, the Legend Coupe was a blast to drive, offering comparable power to the American muscle cars of the day. For comparison, the 1993 Ford Mustang GT offered 205 horsepower, so the front-drive Acura was more powerful than the hot-selling pony car.

1993 Legend Side View

In addition to the powerful V6 engine mated to a manual transmission, the Acura Legend Coupe was chock full of premium interior goodies, including power-controlled and heated leather front bucket seats, a premium Bose sound system with a cassette player, automatic climate control, power windows and power locks. The Legend Coupe also offered a roomy rear seat when compared to the Mustang, so the Acura two-door offers more power, more luxury and more space than the Ford.

1993 Legend Engine

Two-Owner Car

This particular 1993 Acura Legend Coupe was initially leased from Huntington Beach Acura, and when the lease was up, the driver liked it so much that they bought it. That person owned the car until earlier this year, when the current seller acquired it. As you can see in the pictures, there is some minor wear on the leather front seats and there are a few marks in the original Grenada Black Pearl paint, but for a 25-year-old car, it is very clean.

1993 Legend Seats

This Legend has a clear Carfax report, new valve cover gaskets, a new air condition compressor, new belts, new spark plugs and new fluids, so it sounds like it is ready to be driven. Regardless of the final selling price, we are sold. This is just another reminder that the Acura Legend Coupe is a great deal, offering a luxurious cabin and a sporty ride.

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