Civic Type R Race Car Reminds Us Why the K20 Engine is So Good

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Civic Type R FN2 screams around road course, eating up the competition.

The Honda Civic Type R has only recently become available in the US market, but this high performance package has long been a fixture in European motorsports. The video above comes to us from the Facebook page of Alex Cascatău Motorsport and it shows the young driver piloting an FN2 generation Type R around the track of Motorpark Romania from the in-car camera. This gives us a great chance to see and hear the race-ready Civic in action.

Alex Cascatău Motorsport

While the details on this FN2 Honda Civic Type R race car are short, we were able to find some pictures of the car and some information on the driver on his Facebook page. Alex Cascatău is a Romanian racer who is currently competing in the 2018 BMW Clubsport Trophy for Van der Horst Motorsport in a specially prepared BMW E90 325i track car.


In 2017, Cascatău participated in the Audi Sport TT Cup, but as we see in this video, he has also spent time behind the wheel of a Civic Type R. He uploaded this video of his FN2 storming around the Romanian road course, showing what he and the car can do.


FN2 on the Track

While we don’t have any specific details on this Honda Civic Type R, it is clearly a purpose-built race car. The interior is gutted down to only what is needed to go racing, so there is no dashboard, no door panels and no sound insulation. As a result, the K20 engine echoes through the cabin as the car rockets around the track, making for a far more interesting video. With the camera placement and the screaming engine, it is almost like being in the car.

Honda Civic Type R Passing

When the video begins, the Civic appears to be the only car on the track, but within a few seconds, another vehicle, an old Peugeot GTI, is visible up ahead in the distance. In about a minute, the Honda catches and passes the other car within a single lap, roaring away as the video ends.

This is several minutes of track-ready K20 goodness, so, crank up your speakers and enjoy!


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