Here’s Why Integra Type R is Unique, and Why They’re So Valuable

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Integra Type R is quite special, but requires a specific understanding to really get what it’s all about.

If you’re expecting Doug DeMuro to find weird things about the Integra Type R while overlooking the sum of the car’s parts, then you won’t be surprised by the results of his video here. DeMuro spends time on some things like the fact that “There’s only six Type R badges in total on this car,” and that the exterior ones “are decals for weight savings and are actually two stickers with the R separate.” Or that the motor says “Honda” on it rather than Acura. But again that’s not really what makes this car special and unique.

Driving a car like this in a casual manner doesn’t really tell the whole story either. Regardless, DeMuro quips, “it feels pretty quick. It’s actually kinda surprising. And that wasn’t even anywhere near red-line. I tried to get it up there but it takes a while. It’s a long way to go because red-line is 8500 RPM.”

He then excuses his reason for not getting into the car’s power band. “I was always told this car has no torque, et cetera, you have to go to the top of the rev range to get power, but I think because the car is just so light that it doesn’t even require that much to get it moving.” So there’s that.


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DeMuro’s “Doug Score” system also rates the Type R suspiciously poor in almost every aspect. For a weekend type car he rates it just above average for handling, fun factor and acceleration… even though he never drove it properly. As such it is rated on par with, get this, a Jeep Wrangler. And don’t let us get started on how his daily driver rating for it places it far below a Mitsubishi Mirage. At this point we closed the YouTube tab, and got to writing.

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