Rare 1992 Honda Del Sor SiR Trans Top Arrives in U.S.

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1992 Honda Del Sol SiR Trans Top

Honda Del Sol SiR Trans Top was a Japan-only, ultra-rare car that few enthusiasts have ever even seen in person.

A 1992 Honda Del Sol SiR Trans Top has made its way to the U.S. and some lucky guy or girl is making it theirs for $10,495. The sale is still pending, so if you really want this, then cross your fingers the sale falls through and you get the chance to make a bid. Japanese Classics has this little gem and you’re going to wish it was yours.

Despite being over 25-years-old, there’s only 118,000 miles on the odometer of this Milano Red beauty. It’s in great condition without any noticeable exterior issues nor any non-stock changes over the years. It rides on 15-inch snowflake wheels that add to its unique appeal.

992 Honda Del Sol SiR Trans Top Profile

The interior is in equally good condition with a color-matched insert. The seats are in great condition aside from one small tear in the driver’s side seat bottom, but who’s going to see that anyway? There’s an aftermarket stereo with power windows and locks that all function properly.

As for power, you’re looking at a nearly stock engine. There’s a 170-horsepower 1.6-liter paired to a 5-speed manual that shifts well. There’s also a Mugen 4-1 header, but things are otherwise factory. It gives you a little more of an exhaust note without becoming a beast, or a burden.

1992 Honda Del Sol SiR Trans Top Rear

What makes this Del Sol special is the Trans Top, which was something Honda only made available in Japan. It’s a power version with a removable targa top. Everything is in working order with meticulous records from the owner and all the original books. Someone is walking away with one sweet ride at an absolute steal of a price. We just hope that they take it out and drive the thing.

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