Civic Type R TCR Testing At Monza Emits Curious Exhaust Note

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This TCR Type R sounds like a Honda should sound when decelerating, but sounds almost unhealthy on Monza’s long straights.

This is quite odd. Spied testing at Monza, this TCR spec Honda Civic Type R emits an exhaust tone we simply have never heard before. Although most likely cause by exhaust plumbing and routing, it still sounds unusually flatulent upon acceleration. Only on deceleration does it have the raspy 4-cylinder sound we are all used to. Additionally, we thought maybe it was just one car trying something new for an exhaust set-up, but another multi-color TCR Type R joined the white TCR on Monza and sounded the same.

Aside from the sound, we get to see these things in action in the wet for the very first time. As expected, front-wheel drive has a huge advantage in the wet, and both cars look extremely planted around the track. Even with TCR-spec cars making about 350 horsepower, wheel spin out of the slower corners seems non-existent. Anyone with experience in rain racing knows how much of a handful any kind of car can be, that these cars have a proper handling “attitude” speaks dividends on how they are well set up.

Civic Type R TCR Type R Monza testing

For 2018 these cars will be entered into the World Touring Car Cup TCR category, as prepared by J.A.S. motorsports based out of Italy. J.A.S. receives Civic Type Rs as they come off the line in England, strips them bare and removes all non-essential components for racing, and then adds safety equipment. It’s still very much based off a stock vehicle, especially the engine, which is why we are extra curious about the odd exhaust note. Either way, For 2018, a total of ten races are on the WTCR calendar, including iconic tracks such as the Nurburgring, and Suzuka Circuit.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites for Internet Brands, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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