K24-Swapped Nitrous Civic Drags V8s All Day at High-Altitude No-Prep

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Hot, muggy, and a mile-high? Not a problem for this Honda as it eats up cars and trucks at event held on closed public road.

We’ve seen some tough drag-racing conditions, but this 1/8-mile no-prep race might take the cake for difficulty. Not only does this appear to be a beat-up rural asphalt road, it also lies at more than a mile of altitude. Yet, the Tork Automotive Honda Civic makes a meal of most competitors.

During the “King of the Road” class, the K24-swapped Civic eats up a number of muscle cars and trucks. That includes a Mad Max-style Camaro, a classic Ford pickup, and a nitrous S10 that blows up just a little bit.

The winning streak ends with some tire spin on the hot asphalt against a big-tire Mustang. There’s little shame in that, really. The HighAltitudeVideos intro says the density altitude that day was over 9,000 feet! In other words, the air was hot and extremely humid. That makes power tough to come by, even for the turbo setup.

Honda-tech.com Honda Civic K24 Nitrous No-Prep No Prep Drag Race

The race takes place ostensibly at a Cash Days event. The video labels it Front Range Airport in Colorado, but the telephone pole next to the shutdown area suggests it’s a closed road. Regardless, the asphalt barely fits two cars and offers little grip. However, it is flat with shallow ditches and few things to hit, for the most part, with the road closed.

Tork Automotive is based in nearby Aurora, Colorado, and while we can’t find a ton of details, we know it’s a turbo K24 setup with nitrous. The video description indicates they were using the no-prep day to tinker with the Hondata KPro ECU to tune the nitrous feeding.


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If they were steadily adding laughing gas to the setup over the day, then we think it was probably a pretty successful test-and-tune.

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