Want a Clean Honda Del Sol? Well, You Probably Shouldn’t Buy This One

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Honda Del Sol Art Car Craigslist

Honda Del Sol ‘art car’ is for sale, high mileage, broken radio and salvage title included in the deal.

Sometimes Craigslist really delivers the goods. We always love finding wacky, customized Hondas for sale and this ad on Los Angeles Craigslist, ticks all the right boxes.

This is a 1995 Honda Del Sol. It’s an Si model, with the 1.6-liter engine and 5-speed manual transmission. The odometer currently reads 214,425 miles. It has a salvage title due to collision and the damage, although aesthetic only, hasn’t been repaired. Oh, and speaking of aesthetics, this particular Del Sol is an art car, and would you just look at it.

According to the seller, they “bought this car last year, painted it and drove from LA down to Cabo and back over NYE 2018. You can learn more about the journey and the art created from it at destinationdelsol.com.”

And it’s after you click that link that it all makes sense. The spirit of this car, and the guy who decided to go full Radwood on his Del Sol’s otherwise dull white paint. It’s rad, it’s fun and it’s about doing something cool with your car, whether it’s modifying it, or driving it cross-country to find yourself, like this guy did.

If you want a clean Del Sol, you probably shouldn’t buy this. If you want an awesome Del Sol, then you probably should buy this.

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