Video: B20-Powered Del Sol First Drive

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Baby’s big day out after a successful heart transplant.

In the grand scheme of things, the Del Sol doesn’t get the love it deserves. Even its direct predecessor, the CR-X, gets some respect outside of the Honda community. In the community itself, the Del Sol is largely ignored in lieu of the contemporary Civic or aforementioned CR-X. That’s a shame, because the sports-car tendencies of the Civic were refined to a two-door sports coupe with a removable targa roof for the Del Sol. At least one builder, YouTube channel Honda Vlogs, aims to improve the Del Sol’s stature in the Honda scene.


They’re definitely going about it the right way, with a tasteful build that accentuates the car’s natural shape without the aid of crazy Rocket Bunny-style flares or giant time-attack style wings and diffusers. It rides on a set of Enkei RPF1s, which look good on pretty much everything. We’re also big fans of the bride seats and Nardi Classic steering wheel.

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The centerpiece of the build, though, is the warmed-over B20 engine. After much work finding the right combination of factory parts to make the accessories work – AC, power steering, brake booster – the B20 Del Sol is ready for its debut.

All of us can share in the excitement of that first ride after completing an engine swap. that feeling of turning the key, shifting into first gear, and carefully making sure everything works soon gives way to spirited driving and elation when you realize the heart transplant was a success.

After some last-minute tinkering, we follow the Del Sol to the car wash, and then to the shop, where it makes its official debut and gets up on the lift and a new map is loaded. As with anything, the build has some bugs to be ironed out, but there’s still an incredible amount of pride involved in carrying out a swap like this.

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