All Three Acura NSX Generations Compared Together

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A video comparison of the three generations of the NSX also brings questions about the future of the NSX.

In this video from superspeedersRob, he takes a good look over both the NA1 and NA2 generations of the NSX, and the current NC1, which is well worth watching the video for. However, he opens the video by citing the Acura’s poor sales in April 2018 where they sold just 5 units and titles the video “Can The NSX Be Saved?”

Two generations of the NSX

Now, that sales figure comes from Honda itself. It’s undeniable, but it doesn’t tell the story of what’s going on. It’s worth noting that in October and November, the tail end of 2017, Acura sold 87 and 83 models respectively. Those are the best sales numbers for the Acura’s supercar since it went on sale, but it hasn’t left a lot of inventory for dealers to sell early this year. By not a lot, we mean that a search online finds around 10 on dealers lots in the US at the time of writing.

People that purchase a $150,000 car are the kind of people that will make custom-orders. However, custom optioned cars will take a while to build as the Ohio factory makes the NSX for the entire global market. That means orders made in April won’t be showing up in sales figures for a while yet. Add to that the strong rumors of a Type R version and we wouldn’t start chiseling on a fresh gravestone just yet. In fact, that rumor may even hurt sales over the next few months. After all, a modern Type R NSX would be dynamite in the market. Not just highly desirable for future customers, but also to people thinking of buying an NSX right now. We wouldn’t blame anyone for holding off to see if the Type R dream comes true.

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