Honda is Back, Baby! But NSX or Civic Type R?

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Which car is the true successor to the legend that made its name great?

We came across a video by Redline Reviews that asked a question we’d love to answer: is the Civic Type R or the NSX more fun? Sofyan Bey, Editor and Chief of Redline, is doing the talking and driving. What a day.

Bey talks about the NSX first, noting that it, “looks nothing like the original model. That (original NSX) has a very timeless Pininfarina-Ferrari Italian design. Where this (modern NSX) kind of has a lot of design languages that you see taken from other manufacturers. I see a lot of Audi R8.”

After looking at a few elements of the Type R Bey says he’s not sure these will remain timeless in the same way their 90s counterparts did. One thing he really likes about the new NSX is how drivable it is. “You can see out of it really well, and it’s a great daily driver.” Just like the original. In sport and track modes he loves the torque but comments that the driving style is almost electronic. He compares it to a computer, saying, “It’s unlike any other Honda you’ve ever driven.” That can be a good thing or a bad thing. Sure, it’s different, but does it lose that special something that makes a Honda, a Honda?


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What about the Type R? “This will seriously surprise anyone who’s skeptical about a front-wheel drive performance car.” Bey enjoys the Civic and compares the six-speed manual to the S2000 shifter. We’d have to agree, and we’re glad Honda pulled out all the stops making the Type R a serious contender. “The steering in the Type R is better than the NSX.” Finally, we’re getting some straight talk here! In the Civic, you know what the front tires are doing. In the NSX? “It felt like a video game. It felt disconnected at times.”

Which car lives up to the Legend of the 90s best? Join us in the Forums and let us know what you think.

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