Blown Lexus IS F Takes on Old and New NSX

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Heavily modified Lexus takes on the original Acura supercar followed by the new NSX.

This video comes to us from TheBayAreaRacing YouTube channel and it features a pair of races including a Lexus ISF and an Acura NSX – with two different examples of the midship supercar facing off with the sedan. These races were captured during a Never Lift half-mile top speed event and although the Lexus runs a quicker speed, one of the Acura’s gets to the finish line first.

The Competitors

The video features three high performance cars storming down the half mile runway – a Lexus IS F, an older NSX and a 2018 NSX. The Lexus has forged internals, headers, a supercharger making 6 pounds of boost and an E45 ethanol tune.  The classic NSX has a supercharger setup and it seems that the new Acura is stock.

ISF and Old NSX

We don’t get power numbers on either of the modified cars, but we know that the older Acura and the Lexus are rear-drive models while the new NSX has the advanced hybrid all-wheel drive system and 573 horsepower. Based on the video, we would guess that the built Lexus V8 has more than that.

Lexus IS F Vs New NSX

The Racing Action

The video begins with a battle between the old school Acura and the Lexus. The two leave the line pretty evenly, but it doesn’t take long for the IS F to begin pulling away. By the time they get to the half-mile finish line, the sedan is way out ahead – hitting a speed of 158 miles per hour to just 136 for the NSX.

Acura NSX Walks Lexus IS F

The second race pits the same Lexus against a new NSX. On the start, the Acura gets out to a healthy lead and while the Lexus pulls hard and closes the gap on the top end – the midship supercar gets to the line first. However, the Lexus once again laid down the bigger number, hitting 158 once again while the Acura “only” hit 152 miles per hour.

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