A ‘New’ S2000 Was Just Purchased in Australia

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Can someone explain why extremely odd things always seem to happen in the Down Under? First, a man saves his dog from a kangaroo and gives it a right hook to the face. Now apparently there’s been a 2007 S2000 that’s been sitting in the showroom floor of a Honda dealership in New South Wales that’s finally been sold. Let’s take a minute to let that sink in. Why couldn’t this happen in Southern California?! Hell, many of us Americans would fly out to any state in the country to pick up this unicorn.


It’s safe to say that Honda is finally coming back to where they were a decade ago with fun-to-drive cars. One of these fantastic machines was the S2000 which ended production in 2009. Since then there have been many rumors of a successor over the years, but nothing set in stone. Finding one in clean, bone stock form is difficult, but not impossible. However, one that’s never been purchased that’s been sitting in the showroom is something out of a fairytale.


According to CarAdvice, the S2000 was sold sometime last month as shown in the VFACTS most recent data reports. Honda Australia’s director Stephen Collins even confirmed to make sure the sale wasn’t a mistake and was indeed a model that was kept in the showroom for almost a decade.


There isn’t any confirmation of exactly how much the new owner of what might just be the last ‘new’ S2000 in the world paid for, but we’re betting the price wasn’t much of a concern. As a reference – brand new in 2008, one would set you back about $73,590 AUS ($54,873 USD). Whatever the case, congrats to the new owner for hitting the jackpot of purchasing one of the greatest sports cars Honda has to offer.

How bad do you wish you were the lucky person to pick up one of the last sold S2000s on the planet? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: CarAdvice

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