1978 Honda Civic – The Ultimate Rust Bucket

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1978 Honda Civic

What would you say is the ultimate rust bucket? Your neighbor’s car, your best friend’s “project” car, or maybe even your daily driver? Well, whatever it may be, it’s probably not as big of a rust bucket as this 1978 Honda Civic.

Autoblog brings us this majestically shitty first-generation Civic, which by the looks of it, it’s definitely seen better days. Judging by the Arby’s coupons that expire on August 31, 1986, we know this one’s been on the sidelines for quite a while now.

40 years ago Americans used to put their names on waiting lists to get their hands on these bad boys. With gas prices hitting an all-time high in the late ’70s, vehicles like this 1978 Honda Civic were all the rage. As a result, Honda transformed the economy vehicle segment forever.

With a 60 horsepower 4 cylinder engine, a 4 speed manual transmission, and freaking sweet stereo (and aftermarket wooden cassette player), this 1,708 lb. street legal go kart zipped around muscle car-congested cities effortlessly.

Enjoy the hilarious shots!

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Photos & Vidos via: [Autoblog]

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