Bring A Trailer Auction Offers Gorgeous Low-Mile Early NSX

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A gorgeous example of Acura’s original world-beating sports car, presented in phenomenal Berlina Black over Ivory, is available for auction over on Bring A Trailer. The absolute cream of the crop among Acura’s history, as far as we are concerned, the NSX has recently been gaining value among collectors. A nicely turned out example such as this one seems to be, will be highly sought after, making the Bring A Trailer auction possibly the best place for the seller to list. Just look at the details of this car, with only 23,000 miles on the odometer, it looks like it’s just rolled off the assembly line earlier this summer.

Honda’s New Sports eXperimental Aryton Senna-developed mid-engine sports car was a wild and extraordinarily capable performance machine in the early 1990s, mixing Honda reliability with gorgeous sheetmetal. The car was so good at what it did that it was considered an equal to the much more expensive contemporary Ferrari 348. These days, the car’s performance is no longer mind boggling, but the 3-liter VTEC engine’s 290 horsepower was only required to shove a 3010 pound chassis. The car managed to sprint to sixty in just 5.2 seconds, and manages to grip quite well through the corners.

This particular car is claimed to have always been garaged and under a cover. There are a few small paint chips, and one wheel has a minor spot of curb rash, but the car is reported otherwise good nick. Everything inside the car and out is listed as being in working order, which it should, being a low-mile Honda, anyhow. The seller states that the timing belt has not been changed for this car, due to low mileage. Being that the rubber has aged, I would suggest remedying this as soon as possible. This is the 460th NSX ever built, and it could very well be yours if your bid is the last one.

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