Naturally-Aspirated Civic Hatch Smashes into the 8s

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EG Civic drag car showcases the potential of a well-sorted all-motor K20 setup.

In the world of drag racing, displacement has always been a major determining factor in just how fast you can go. But over the years, people began working magic with smaller engines. Much of this success has come via power adders, of course. But we’ve also witnessed some seriously impressive naturally-aspirated four-cylinders ripping up drag strips across the nation. Perhaps the most impressive of all comes to us from the amazing 8-second Civic Hatch documented in this video from YouTuber TalonTSi97 Videos.

The Civic first rips off an ever-so-close 9.0 at 154 mph, which is already a record for an all-motor Outlaw. But that’s just more of a tease than anything. On the very next pass, they smash through that ever-important barrier by running an 8.99 at 156 mph. That’s obviously worth celebrating, but why give up now? Why not see just how deep into the 8s this amazing combo can go?

Honda Civic Hatch

We don’t have to wait too long for an answer to that question, either. The Civic lines up for another pass and promptly resets the record for the third time in the same day. This time around, it rips off an 8.94 at the same 156 mph as the last pass. And by the looks of things, we’re betting this isn’t the peak of what this Civic is capable of.

Honda Civic Hatch

For now, we’ll just have to follow the owners of this wicked ride on Instagram and see how things progress. But in the meantime, we can simply kick back and reflect on just how amazing this feat is to begin with. After all, who would have ever thought, years ago, that we’d see N/A Hondas recording these kinds of blazing passes?

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