Heavily Turbo’d Honda S2000 Churns out 1,000 Raging HP

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Very few half-mile competitors run four-cylinder engines. But this S2000 uses 42 psi of boost to reset records.

Squeezing mega horsepower out of a four-cylinder engine may not be as easy as, say, a V8. But it is most certainly a rewarding endeavor. Especially when your mega-power four-banger sits in the frame of a the magical Honda S2000. But getting an F20C to pump out four-digit power obviously requires lots of boost. And the amazing Honda roadster featured in this video from That Racing Channel most certainly packs plenty of psi to get the job done.

To be specific, this car’s now-F22 heart uses a PTE 6466 to pump a whopping 42 psi through its veins. And as you might imagine, that also makes this S2000 one incredible performer, no matter what the premise. It runs an 8.7-second quarter-mile and blazes the half-mile in well over 180 mph. The car’s owner, Stuart, has developed quite the passion for the latter in recent years.

Honda S2000

The S2000 started out as Stuart’s daily driver, but that soon came to an end. Once he secured another daily, this car immediately went turbo. “It’s gone through a few iterations since that,” he explains. Which meant a street car at first. But over the years, things got more and more serious. Before long, the stock components started to fail. And that’s what led to the full build you see before you.

Honda S2000

And oh, what an awesome build it is. This S2000 is one of roughly two four-cylinder cars competing at the Texas Half-Mile, which makes it very special indeed. Going up against the likes of Vipers, Ferraris, and Lambos, the little Honda proves that you don’t have to have mega displacement to make mega power. And also that the S2000 is good for more than just carving up corners at high speeds, too.

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