JDM EF8 CRX SiR Offered For Sale in the US

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1989 Honda Civic CRX SiR

This high-revving CRX has already been through the importation process and is ready to be enjoyed here in the States.

Buying a JDM car and shipping it across the Pacific is an attractive proposition for many. However, the long wait and paperwork have a way of making that prospect a pipe dream for many.

This EF8 Civic CRX SiR on BringATrailer is the best of all worlds. It’s as JDM as it gets, and it’s already here in the US, with a clean South Dakota title to boot.

1989 Honda Civic CRX SiR

Currently located in Yonkers, New York, this CRX presents very well in white. While the seller points out a few minor dings, the car looks great overall, especially considering its age.

Like most JDM exports, this car has low mileage – 81,000, to be exact – and a clean interior. The bolstered cloth and leather sport seats appear to be in great shape.

1989 Honda Civic CRX SiR

This particular SiR was ordered new with manual windows and locks, but the original owner opted for air conditioning. Given the CRX’s large greenhouse, that option may come in handy during the hot, humid summer.

The CRX SiR came equipped with a B16A1 engine good for 160 horsepower with an 8,300 RPM redline. That engine is backed up by a five-speed transaxle with a limited-slip differential.

1989 Honda Civic CRX SiR

The stock 14″ five-spoke steel wheels appear to be in good shape, with fresh Yokohama tires. While we’d be happy to enjoy this car in stock form, the once change we’d make is a set of era-correct 15″ wheels with grippier tires. Some Enkei 92s in gold or white would subtly transform the look of this car.

Of course, it’s no secret that B-series Honda engines are responsive to upgrades. Despite the fact that this car has made it three decades without so much as a cold air intake or a cat-back being installed, we know we wouldn’t be able to resist temptation.

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