Best Motoring Pits FK2 Civic Type R Against the Almighty NSX-R

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In this throwback to 2015, two Civic Type Rs face off against the Drift King himself in an NSX Type R.

Who doesn’t love Best Motoring? We almost feel like we should just shut up and let you enjoy the video, but we’re just too excited about what’s going on. This clip, uploaded to YouTube by the BestMOTORing Official, is from Hot Version Volume 139, released back in 2015.

In the beginning of this video, three generations of the Civic Type R are compared side-by-side: the first generation EK9, the EP3, and the FD2, which was still relatively fresh when this video was made. The EK9 was powered by a B16B engine making a little over 180 horsepower, while the EP3 and FD2 make about 210 and 220 horsepower respectively. All three have red lines of at least 8,000 RPM.

Honda Civic Type R Track Battle Best Motoring


The video then transitions into discussion of the FK2, the follow-up to the FD2. While the turbocharged FD2 does have a lower redline (6,500 RPM), any owner will gladly tell you that it has just as much character as preceding models – and a lot more power, too. With over 300 horsepower on tap, it’s one of the most powerful Honda production cars ever built.


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One of the FK2’s major claims to fame was that it was, supposedly, 6 seconds faster around the Nürburgring than the NSX Type R. Best Motoring decided to run a test of their own to see for themselves just how accurate that claim was.

Honda Civic Type R Track Battle Best Motoring

To do so, the Best Motoring Team set up a 5 lap battle on the tight, twisty Nikko Circuit in Tochigi, Japan. Keiichi Tsuchiya, the Drift King himself, lent his personal NSX-R to the effort, and an FD2 Civic Type R, tuned by Techno Pro Spirit, also got in on the fun.

Right away, the FK2 pulls away from the other two cars. The FK2 stays in front until the FD2 makes a brave pass on the third lap. On lap 4, the NSX-R passes the FK2 to take second place before Tsuchiya makes his move to take the lead and eventually win.

In the end, less than two seconds separate the cars. On a tight, twisty track like this, the impressive horsepower of the FK2 is less apparent. How do you think an FK8 would perform in the same test? Be sure to let us know in the forum.

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