Hondata Has Found the Fastest CTR Around Buttonwillow Raceway Park

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When your Civic Type R is lapping modified Audi R8’s around the track, you know you did something right.

Our friends at the legendary tuning shop Hondata have never been short of fast cars. Everyone knows that the new Civic Type R is very fast out of the box and does a good job at knocking out quick lap times at race tracks across the globe. Buttonwillow Raceway Park is no exception, as this video from the famed Honda tuner shows.

In recent years, this race track’s 13CW configuration has really come into its own as a standard and staple of time attack in the U.S. Years ago, track junkies spent thousands of dollars in modification, dozens of hours in seat time, and even more in blood, sweat, and tears to achieve a coveted “sub-2” (minute) lap time at Buttonwillow. Most of us lesser humans actually still haven’t been able to attain this goal. Those that did, usually celebrate with frantic screams and tears of pure joy. However, the big dogs have long moved on. The new standard in today’s 13CW time attack scene is really the “sub-50” mark. That means running a time under a minute and fifty seconds. Most people fight for literal milliseconds on the race track, so 10 full seconds is a hell of a task to achieve.

Honda Civic Type R FK8 Beats Buttonwillow Audi R8 Race

Consider this: a stock Civic Type R runs on average a 2:00 to 2:02 at Buttonwillow completely stock with a capable driver. Throw a set of tires on and the “sub-2” goal is in easy reach. If that doesn’t speak volumes to Honda’s ability to squeeze performance out of a relatively cheap package, nothing else will. Now, Hondata obviously is ready and willing to take the next step to get the CTR into that “sub-50” range. Their latest trick: traction control.


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As seen in the video, Hondata takes an already heavily modified CTR (aero, suspension, exhaust/intake, weight reduction, cooling, wheels/tires, etc) and integrates its new traction control function to the car via its unique tuning software. What’s seen next is a ridiculously smooth Civic going very fast and, seemingly, very easily. The result of this new traction control system no doubt, as the driver puts down a personal best in the car at 1:52.71. That is a blisteringly fast time for any car and is not too far off from the now sought after “sub-50” time. If there was any doubt the CTR isn’t moving violently fast, see as a obviously heavily modified Audi R8 holds up the CTR on multiple corners until conceding a well deserved point-by pass.

Honda Civic Type R FK8 Beats Buttonwillow Audi R8 Race

Hondata continues to out do themselves, and their new traction control feature is no exception. What else will they find up their sleeve to get those extra three seconds?

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