FD2 Civic Type R vs. Airplane: Who Ya Got?

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Yes, this absolutely ridiculous race really did happen.

It’s FD2 Civic Type R versus Air Asia, and the outcome might surprise you. This ridiculous roll racing action had us collectively laughing our asses off in the office. Posted on the IAmTaiBoogie Facebook page, this video of an FD2 taking on an airplane is 100% real.

Details on the FD2 are sparse, though, at a minimum, it has a full exhaust, and likely a header, based on the sound. In stock form, the FD2 Civic Type R is packing glorious K20A power. That’s 222 horsepower, to be specific, and 159 lb-ft of torque. If I had to guess, it might be supercharged, based on the gauges on the dash, and rate of acceleration. Even with the K20Z, my stock FA5 Civic Si certainly doesn’t pull this hard, that’s for sure.

Details on the plane are plentiful. You’re looking at an Air Asia-spec Airbus A320-200. It has twin CFM56-5-A1s turbines, rated at 25,000 lb-ft of thrust, each. The A320 has been smashing Hondas at roll racing since 1988, and as of 2017, a new one will set you back almost $100,000,000. And you thought the cost of importing that FD2 to the ‘States was high.

Credit where it’s due, the modified FD2 does a good job of holding off the A320 from a roll. Though, the driver made the mistake of giving the plane the hit. Never give your adversary the hit, because a chase is a race, even if you lose. The FD2 driver gets deep into 5th gear before hitting the speed limiter, at which point it’s all over the airplane pulls away, hard.

The comments section on the video is awash with hilarity, though, I find the lack of VTEC jokes deeply disheartening. Here’s hoping this FD2 driver can line up some more roll races at the airport. Though, next time he might want to pick on something with a bit less power (thrust).

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