Honda Civic Type R Receives New Aero, Spirited Test Drive Follows

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Aggressive BMSPEC front splitter and gurney flap certainly look the business on this new Civic Type R. But how do they perform?

For the most part, the new Honda Civic Type R is a complete package right off the showroom floor. You can drive it straight from dealer to the track, wring it out, and have a satisfying experience. But while the new Civic Type R arguably needs nothing, that obviously won’t stop people from modding them. Including YouTuber Tedward‘s buddy Eddie, who recently fitted his car with some fresh aero bits that should help in both the looks and performance departments.

The most obvious addition is that massive BMSPEC front splitter, of course. “We weren’t sure if this was even going to fit in our garage,” our host quips. “It looks pretty good. I mean, it’s a little silly. But he wanted more front grip. And obviously, to balance it out, we had to add a little more rear aero.” That came in the form of a BMSPEC gurney flap. “And for extra power, you gotta have Pikachu,” he jokes.

Honda Civic Type R

Those couple of extra bits (and maybe the sticker) certainly add to the Civic Type R in terms of aggression. But that means nothing if they don’t actually work. We’ll have to wait for that sort of feedback, however, because our duo does little more than depart on a lazy test drive.

Honda Civic Type R

The same cannot be said for their pals, however. Including one guy who received a ticket for going an “estimated” 82 miles an hour. But who can blame them for getting a little excited on the first really nice weather day of the year in Massachusetts? But since our Civic Type R owner refrained from partaking in those shenanigans, we’ll just have to wait and see the results of that new, somewhat polarizing aero.

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