This Honda-Tech Forum Member’s EG Civic Si is Special

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EG Civic Si

A clean EG Civic Si is hard to find these days, but this Honda-Tech forum member has found something beautiful, well-built, and fast.

Finding a crisp, and clean-looking EG is becoming a rarity. It’s a sad fact, but a fact nonetheless. Fortunately, there are some gems out there. This well-executed, K20-swapped supercharged EG Civic Si is one of them. It was bought as a 99% complete build by long-term forum member B18C5-EH2. It’s as clean as a whistle on top, and a complete bad boy underneath.

Honda Civic EG headlight fitment.

We’ll get to the bad boy underneath, but let’s enjoy how it looks first. Usually, it’s stance that treasures fitment, but let’s all just take a long, hard look at those panel gaps. That headlight fitment is noteworthy on its own.

The color and the quality of the paint allude to the maturity of the build. It’s not obnoxious, and won’t annoy any neighbors. However, it will walk away from a lot of cars that shout a lot louder.

The owner claims 325 horsepower at the wheels, and we don’t doubt that. Still, it’s not the horses alone that bring a tear of joy to our eye. It’s the attention to detail in the K20 swap.

B18C5-EH2’s Civic has a one-off custom engine and dash harness. As a result of that, and the attention to detail by the builder, he doesn’t have to suffer the usual problems of K20 swaps. He gets to sit in the comfort of a full interior with the A/C and cruise control on. He also has power locks and windows, and an OBD2 scan port so he can run the Hondata K-Pro USB code check.

Oh, and the immobilizer works as well. How’s that for a K20 swap rarity?

We’ve just scratched the surface here. B18C5-EH2’s thread on the forum is well worth the read.

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