Can the Acura NSX Stand Up to Virginia Intl’ Raceway?

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The rigors of track-testing are often too much for a street car, but the NSX handles it with ease. 

Matt Farah gets his hands on a lot of really interesting cars in a year, some more interesting than others. This time he’s taking the greatest Honda sports car for a rapid run around a few laps of VIR, and we get to go along with him. This is a truly interesting real-world test of the NSX and its ability to perform in a track environment. There is a fine line between supercar and sports car, and we firmly believe Acura is walking it with the NSX. It’s an incredible performer on the street, but here Matt proves that it is perhaps even more capable when unleashed on the race track.

Matt has driven a lot of incredible cars, which makes his praise of the NSX all the more impressive. He seems to really love the steering. And he can’t say enough good things about the front-wheel torque and brake vectoring that is metered out by electric-assist motors. Even in the rain, the car manages to shine at his hands. You can tell that he’s having a ton of fun behind the wheel. Driving in Sport Mode he’s able to get a lot out of the car, but keeps the car in line. Turn off the traction control, however, and he’s able to hang out the rear end and pull out of it with ease.

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The NSX continues to amaze us with its ability. We’ve driven this exciting sports car and we have to agree with everything Matt has said here. It’s fast, it makes all the right noises, and it’s got a new and exciting way of delivering. Sure it isn’t the V10 screamer that we were promised a decade ago, but it’s a damn fine sports car. Acura NSX Matt farah The Smoking Tire Virginia International Raceway Review Track Test

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