What Would A Honda Sports EV Type R Look Like?

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Honda-tech.com Sports EV Type R concept

Our master renderer added a few motorsport-inspired design cues to the already awesome Sports EV concept.

We didn’t think it would be possible to love a car even more than we love Honda’s Sports EV concept. This rendering of a potential Sports EV Type R makes us think twice. When Honda jumped into the deep end of the electric vehicle pool, they did it with both feet. The brand used cool, new design language and simple, yet beautiful, body lines to show off the future of sports cars. We wanted to take that concept a step further and try to figure out what it would look like if the maniacs in Honda’s motorsport division got their hands on it. This is our vision of the resulting Type R.

Obviously, there’s never been an electric Type R before, and Honda has neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of one. That being said, we wanted to daydream a bit about what Honda could do with an electric sports car. Electric motors are already proving themselves to hold quite the performance advantage, in acceleration. Though no performance figures have been released for the Sports EV, we would expect a sub-5 second 0-60 time and a range of over 150 miles.

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If we all agree that might be possible, what could an even more performance-oriented version of that car produce? If Tesla can make their behemoth Model S or Model X shoot to sixty in less than three seconds, why couldn’t this diminutive Honda? Imagine perhaps an electric motor in each of the Honda’s four wheels housing 80 horsepower or so for a combined system of 320 horses. Further, that would allow the car to independently brake and accelerate the four wheels with true four-wheel torque vectoring, an absolute boon for lap times.

However, let’s go back to the render for a moment. Taking a look at the Type R rendering you can see, first of all, a number of red accents, as you’d expect. There are a few aero treatments, indicative of any Type R. These include the deep, multi-element front splitter with Civic Type R-style end plates, an attractive side skirt, and the absolutely necessary rear wing setup. All of these pieces really help to square off the Sports EV’s rounded features in an aggressive manner that really works with the Type R line. Toss in a larger set of brake rotors behind a larger set of wheels, and a black accent door handle for good measure and you’ve got a really good looking Honda. The only other thing we might like to see is a throwback-style fender-mounted mirror for proper nostalgia to match the vintage-inspired shape.

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