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How much would it cost to get 800hp?

Old 01-11-2019, 12:40 PM
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Default Re: How much would it cost to get 800hp?

We are hoping for any insight here @ this forum...?
We did find a little advice,
but from outside the Honda forum. As to what eng/block version to buy 1st.

I Contacted a old colleage I've known since the '80s... who does Honda related stuff.
He has been a close friend, both on & off,
over the past 3 decades. <man I'm getting old>
Anyway, turns out he just developed some new head castings <for honda's>.

When we 1st met bk in the '80s..we both were "domesticated" types, u could say.
He went on, <early 90s> by way of mostly Honda stuff, while I stayed mostly in the domestic engine world.
I reached out to him, as the only Honda person we could think of that we knew.

I figured this forum was, & still is, the best place to start, <maybe a different location in the forum perhaps thou>,
due too the huge pool of talented, experts, & knowledge that obviously dwell here.

I thk we need to learn how to communicate better here thou, so that we might get some responses.

So any other input from you all here @Honda-tech is greatly appreciated.

We are new the forum stuff,... but hope to learn the ways..

any advice is greatly appreciated on this project to put 800 boosted hp in our own, hunk a junk,
RWD trash barge, drag car.
as well as advice on the potential cost to do such an engine program.
& the pitfalls as well, such as needing to sleeve any Stk honda block, for say 40+lbs of boost. Those sort of things we just dont know.

Talked to Bill Hinches (sp?) about a flex plate/& possible adaptor to mate our GM trans to the K20 block.
I didn't have much idea on what to use against our converter yet, flex plate wise.
Bill says he can build what we need for 800..
Nice fellow.

Bill did give me few names in the RWD Honda world, but I havnt yet heard bk from them.

We are excited, and looking forward to meeting any one here, via the site, who shares an interest in either an 800hp K20 stuff,
or a RWD powered K setup.
thx for your time.
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Old 01-11-2019, 02:36 PM
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Default Re: How much would it cost to get 800hp?

Hey Sherpa,
Kudos to you and your team for migrating to our world. Maybe soon you can tell us about the intricacies of the differences between the two cultures, I know many here would be interested. First things first, start your own thread when you have questions like yours. Most people wont even click on these types of threads when they read the title and wont see your question. Start your own thread, titled appropriately and in the right section, and you will have much better responses. I guarantee your project will spark interest and there are a lot of people with a wealth of info here willing to share. They just lie dormant now until they find content worthy of their input.

Welcome and please take the time to lay out your current plans/project when you make your thread. I for one will be looking for it.

To the OP, I guess I said my piece here last year, and looks like not much has changed since then. I maintain such a high HP build should be out of the question in this situation but you can have plenty of fun on stock blocks and forged internals. The key is to stick with things you can do from home to avoid downtime and relying on shops to do your work (i.e. charge you crazy money). You can be very happy with a forged rotating assembly in a stock LS block, VTEC head, and mediocre turbo setup. Very doable and loads of fun, plenty of power to handle even the latest exotics as well. At least on the freeway anyways lol. Start sleeving blocks and pushing the envelope past things you can readily get tools for (i.e. 600+HP) and things get expensive SUPER quick. Just my opinion as someone who has been doing what you want to do for as long as you've been alive...

P.S. When people question how long you've been driving because you're a 16 year old, it's better to be humble and not answer than say stuff like this.... " I've been driving ever since I was 15, i'm turning 17 this May. " No offense but even being SUPER GENEROUS and saying you've been driving 2 full years doesn't help your case. LOL
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Old 01-13-2019, 04:40 PM
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Default Re: How much would it cost to get 800hp?

Your advice & direction is what we needed,
as a person who does not participate in forums or social media at all to speak of.

In my , close to 3+decades now of being in motorsport, we have never had time to be apart of these internet sharing cultures.

In fact, many of the very best people I know, or have known, in our industry, likely themselves have never ever gotten online & share anything of relevance technologically. It's a part of our culture.

Do we share, yes. Do we do it with the world watching?? Not much..

Guys like myself are just old dinosaurs, & qwikly becoming irrelevant. Regardless of our tens of thousands of hours of experience.

I myself, would not be here either, except that,
I have finally recognized that I have nearly zero contacts in anything that is either Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Toyoda, Mitsubishi, ect., related.

Again, thanks for the "forum road map".
Yes, what you outlined seems more like common sense than 1 might realize, after you laid it out,
but only after you explained it well.
<we don't even do facebook, I refuse, for my own reason>

Like anything we do, if common sense alone would create success, <without education>
than there would be no need for education at all.

Again THX, for direction on our quest to find an idea 4cyl eng program, for our next power plant to install in our race car.
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