Let’s Talk About Modding Your Brand New Honda Civic Type R

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Modifications for Honda’s hottest of hatches are starting to trickle through. The question is: What Type R mods are going to be worth doing?

In this video from YouTuber Flyin’ Gato, he takes us through the modifications he’s made to his Civic Type R. We certainly can’t bring ourselves to call stickers a mod, but he does show us the positive effect of different tires and mud-flaps have had during a New York winter. Of course, small things like that can make a lot of difference depending on the environment. Other things like aftermarket wheels are largely subjective unless they allow more rubber to meet the road.

Type-R Modifications

Flyin’ Gato does make a good point about upcoming modifications that are starting to become available for the Type-R. Here at Honda-Tech.com, nobody has driven one and walked away afterward saying its performance needs improving out of the box. However, once it’s being regularly tracked or driven hard on the street long enough for owners to truly get to know it, many are going to want more from their car. There’s already plenty of talk in our current generation Type-R sub-forum if you want to join the discussions.

The idea Flyin’ Gato brings up about front bumpers coming being promised for the market that will allow for ducting to the front brakes. That makes sense for hard driven cars and, of course, more horsepower is always going to have appeal. We’re particularly interested to see how ECU tuning continues to develop. It already looks like Honda has been underrating its horsepower from the factory, but it also looks like they have left a lot on the table for tuners as well. A sizable amount in fact. An extra 50-hp looks to be available from a good ECU tune alone.

What do you think? Is the latest, greatest Type R perfect from the box or does it need some tweaking to get the most out of it?

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