World’s Most Ridiculous Movie Car Chase Features a Honda

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Buckle up, because the next 2-½ minutes of your life will include rollerblading, a grappling hook, a Suzuki Esteem, and explosions.

And we have Bollywood to thank for all it. Alright, so the word “features” might be a slight exaggeration. Really, the only Honda in this chase scene is an Accord that gets the wrong end of an RPG.

Still, we’d be upset with ourselves here at the Honda-Tech offices if we didn’t share this action-movie sequence. It comes at the end of Khiladi 420, the seventh movie in the Indian Khiladi series of action movies.

Honda Accord Bollywood Action Car Chase Scene

Michael Bay and Bruce Willis have got nothing on this Bollywood sequence, seriously. The protagonist, played by Ashkay Kumar, must…you know, the plot doesn’t really matter. All you need to know is that before this scene starts, the bad guy was driving the white Maruti Baleno, known in the U.S. as the Suzuki Esteem. And he threw Kumar, the good guy, off the roof and through a plate-glass window with a handbrake turn.

From there, things only get ridiculous. Kumar’s character catches up to the Suzuki on rollerblades — OK, that part is believable — and goes on to chase the car with a grappling hook.

And it only gets more awesome from there. You want inexplicable explosions? You got inexplicable explosions. You want a flying kick that shatters a windshield? That, too. Sudden and random changes of scenery? Check.

The Honda Accord drops into the scene, literally, during the peak of the rollerblading-through-fire action. Hell yeah, it’s campy and cheesy, but if you can’t enjoy this, you probably can’t enjoy anything.

For all the absurdity, we love dumb action movies, Bollywood or otherwise, and we can’t think of one any better (or worse) than this. Enjoy and know that the one Accord (RIP) that gave its life did so more valiantly than most.

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