Take A Tour Of The Honda Mugen Headquarters in Japan

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Mugen’s facility in Japan is way bigger, and better, than you think.

Honda and Mugen go together like K20As and high RPMs, but rarely do we get to see up close the inner workings of their factory in Japan. HondaPro Jason has allowed us to live vicariously through his camera lens, as he’s just taken a trip to see their cars, their facility and a few extra surprises.

Jason starts out showcasing three of Mugen’s creations, each with their own blend of mechanical and aero mods. The excitement mounts with one special revelation: “they gave me the keys to every single one of these three cars!” The Civic Mugen RR is up first, of which only 300 were made. All in red of course. Up next is the supercharged – and not for sale – CRZ dubbed the “RZ.” Showcasing in-house designed aero are both the RZ and the final car, the S660.

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Modifications should make a significant difference when you add them to a car, so all of Mugen’s products offer some sort of benefit. Aero is tested, there’s a number of engine dynos to test things like downpipes, camshafts and other research and development.

“This whole Facility is kinda like a campus… It’s not just a building. They do engineering, developing, wind tunnel testing… All of their parts a fully tested [in-house].”

Because manufacturing processes are a bit secretive, the closest we get to the production facilities is the main showroom. Plenty of evidence is present with a strong connection to Honda including various F1 cars and engines and even motorcycles. “I can’t show you their manufacturing facility, or their five engine dynos, or where they do their dry and wet carbon, but I can show you some of their amazingly built Mugen Hondas.”

This brings us to one of the lots with freshly built Hondas of all sorts. Trust us, that part at the end of the video is really worth seeing.

Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites for Internet Brands, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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