Tracking A Honda NSX at Castle Combe Race Circuit

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Between fits of coughing and laughter, Alex Goy pontificates on the NSX owner and their motivations.

We recently had an opportunity to go drive the NSX in, of all places, rainy Seattle. You’ll hear more about that later, but we can’t help but laugh at the irony of the horrific weather we had while driving the Acura supercar in stark juxtaposition with the abnormally sunny and dry day that Alex Goy received driving the NSX around Castle Combe circuit in the UK. All of his videos tend to be wet and gloomy, except this one. Perhaps mother nature smiled upon him just for the benefit of this particular NSX drive.

Though the car is in Alex’s care for just three laps, he spends the majority of those laps smiling and laughing at how great the car can be. In “race” mode it drops all pretense of streetability and gives maximum thrust and minimal driver aid intrusion, allowing Alex to wring the thing for every bit it is worth. If you have been paying attention to other reviewers, you may have seen Chris Harris call the car a “mini Porsche 918”, which seems like high praise to us.

The final minute or so of the film, Alex does ask an important question about the ‘special-ness’ of the NSX.

Imagine you had six cars in your garage, and you wanted to buy a Honda NSX. So you’ve got, say, a 911, a 458 or a 488, you’ve got a Range Rover, a Bentley something, maybe an Aston, and your Honda. When would you take the Honda out over the Porsche, the Ferrari, the Bentley, the Aston, the whatever. Does it feel quite as special as those? It’s an engineering marvel, but is it as special as a Ferrari?

To those of you who have driven one, or better yet, those of you who own an NSX, when do you drive it? Weigh in on the forums. Acura Honda NSX track carfection

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