Craigslist: This Might Be the Cleanest, Lowest-Mile RSX Type-S You’ll See For Sale

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What’s a fair premium on price for low-mile, unmolested Type S?

What is the real premium on an unmodified, top-trim Honda? Few exist—particularly with something like a 1990s CRX—but this super-clean 2003 Acura RSX Type-S for sale in Atlanta with just 44,000 miles represents a real-world test of that question. Is it’s asking price of $12,995 too much, or just right? Acura RSX Type-S Type S craigslist

The biggest parts of the price certainly come from the low mileage and originality. Like the preceding Integra owners, the average RSX buyer was prone to customizing and tuning their prized Acura. Those who didn’t tinker (and often those who also tinkered) with the Type S likely used it as a daily driver for years, racking up lots of mileage. This seller appears to have fallen into neither category and, consequently, has a pristine RSX nearly 15 years after it left the factory. Acura RSX Type-S Type S craigslist

As a Type-S, it features the 200-horsepower K20 engine with a six-speed manual transmission and sport-tuned suspension. This one is an early model, pre-facelift car. So it has the 16″ five-spoke wheels, leather interior, a power moonroof, and a Bose sound system with a 6-disc CD changer. Aside from the slightly outdated-media stereo—on the plus side, CDs are cheap these days—this would still be a nicely optioned car today. Acura RSX Type-S Type S craigslist

The condition certainly looks impeccable. The seller claims that, as a car that lived its life in Texas and Georgia, it’s rust-free. From a glance around the body and one photo underneath, it sure looks clean of tinworm. He’s also maintained what look like extensive records to match the food-service clean surfaces. Seriously, you could eat off that engine cover. Acura RSX Type-S Type S craigslist

Naturally, we face the question: “Is a super-clean, low-mile 2003 RSX Type-S worth $13,000?”

That total is well over book value from Kelly Blue Book or NADA. However, a 14-year-old car this clean with such low mileage generally falls outside the purview of those kinds of guides, doesn’t it? While we hesitate to call it a “collector” sale, the condition and documentation on this actually make a reasonable case for someone who wants a well-preserved sport compact in their large, or perhaps burgeoning, garage. Acura RSX Type-S Type S craigslist

So what do you think: Is this grade of preservation worth the price premium or would you have another number in mind as a potential buyer? 

Check out this 2003 Acura RSX Type-S right here on Atlanta CraigsList. (If the ad disappears, look for it here.)

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